*We, hoverboard India value your relationship and trust. Our organization strive for customers privacy.

*The customer information like name, mobile numbers we collect are for the below reasons:

1. When you want to give feedback to our product.
2. When you want to have a look and purchase our products.
3. In order to send instant security alerts, respond to queries and/or other requests.
4. To conduct customer satisfaction analysis.

*However, we respect the wishes of our customers who do not wish to receive any informational material from us you can unsubscribe to our website.

*We also collect your data in order to allow you to create a user ID and to give you access to utilise our services.

* We do not ask for credit card numbers or any other confidential banking data like CVV or pin.

* We do continuous hardware scanning in order to avoid corruption of the database.

* We obviously don’t share or sell customers personal data to any third parties, If at all given that would be only for delivering the product to you.

* When you post any content on our Site, the data contained in the post will be stored in our database and other users will be able to see it and any other information that you choose to make public on our Site.

* Utilising this information any individuals browsing history is not tracked.

*Please do not turn off cookies which would disable some functions of our website.

* But we make a note of how visitors are using our site with the help of Google analytics in order to improve the quality of interactions with customers.

*Using customer mail id, From time to time, we may send advertising or marketing information to our existing customers.

*We reserve the right to change and update the terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time. Changes will be notified by posting on our company website. The revised Privacy Policy will come into effect from the time.

*Customers individually can request access to Personal Information we hold about them by contacting us using the contact details in the “How to contact us“ section. If any data be incorrect in spite of our efforts for accuracy, we will correct that information at your request.

*To help protect you and others, we use the Personal Information and other information we collect, in order to identify suspicious activities and transactions.

* We don’t collect data from children and minors who are interested in visiting our sites. We encourage children to do such activities only under the guidance of parents. Any transactions are done by children also should be done in the presence of guardians or parents only.

* We are solely liable for data posted in the company website.

* Any other websites that are linked to our website may have different policies. We don’t share any personal information collected from those websites.

*We are not responsible for any information of those websites. We request you to review the privacy policies posted on those websites for details.

*We don’t support any information given on any website that is not authorized by our website.