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Segway is one of the prominent ways to travel and can have a comfortable journey in a completely different style. Recently, electric Segways are initiated in India that which adds the excitement to ride with top-level functionality. Most of the people commonly presume Segways are not that economical to buy.

We hoverboards India offers Segway for an affordable price that which can be convenient for common people as well. Offering Segway for the affordable price doesn’t mean we provide lower quality products. Our          quality always competes with international standards and follows the safety rules of India. We at Segway India offers various types of Segway hoverboards such as graffiti Segways, coloured Segways and many more.

The Segways featured with a potential brimming motor and light upped with both sides with LED light with a strong protection. The LED lights of your Segway will seek the attention of everyone. It even comes with a Bluetooth speaker where you can love to listen to your favourite music and can enjoy your journey in a stylish manner.

Basic Features of Segway that we offer:

  • The Segway is also known as Self-balancing scooter that which comes in various sizes such as 6.5, 8 and 10 inches.
  • Electric Segway battery is featured with Samsung Lithium-ion that which can travel up to 20 Km distance with a one-time charge. Per an hour rider can travel up to 18 Km on electric Segways.
  • The Segway is designed with a few safety alerts that which alerts the rider when the speed of Segway reach to 12 Km per hour.
  • The weight capacity of Segway is 120 kgs.
  • The Samsung battery power capacity is 29 volts. Segways takes less time to charge, within 60 minutes it will charge up to 80%. The battery alters the rider in case of low battery power and if the power turns to 10% then Segway’s board will turn off gradually.
  • The Segway’s remote can be used to control the Speed, Play music and the sensors will guide the rider to navigate the Segway on the road.

If you are seeking to purchase the Segway hoverboard, then Hoverboards India offers the Segway in high standard quality for an affordable price compared to others. To know more about over products, Segway price and Segway price in India check out on hoverboards India

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