Self Balancing Scooters

Self Balancing Scooters

Are you thinking to create a new trend? Then stop thinking and start shopping the best self-balancing scooter.

Nowadays all the teenagers travelling on Self balancing scooters and creating a new trend because it saves a lot of time in their daily life and makes travelling easier. All these self-balancing electric scooters are built up with advancing features by keeping customer safety in mind. Of course, the rider needs to have some knowledge about riding a self-balancing scooter, though it is not that tough to ride. If you have some basic experience then, you can have a crazy ride all over the city. One of the best features that were added to the self-balancing scooter is the rider can even have a ride on any type of road like stone, asphalt or can even travel inside the mall.

We, hoverboards India is one of the best suppliers of self-balancing scooters, hoverboard and Segways in India, that which supply many types of self-balancing scooters such as graffiti scooters, coloured scooters and Lamborghini scooter that which is featured with Bluetooth connectivity. Not only offering various types of self-balancing scooters, but we even take care to supply the best quality and safety products to customers. Let’s take a look below to know more about the self-balancing scooters that we offer;

Self balancing scooters featured with LED lights that not only to look cool and stylish but also to light up the path. Even it comes with an advanced protective host features that which guide the rider to use the vehicle in an efficient way. This scooter goes up to 20 KM per hour and for the safety of the rider, an alert has been featured that will notify the rider when board reaches to 12 KM per hour and at the point of 15 KM per hour it will slow down the vehicle.

The Self-balancing electric scooter has an overcharge protection system and low power protection as an inbuilt feature. As the scooter gets fully charged then Auto turn off function will switch off charging automatically and when the battery level reaches to less 10% then scooter will automatically slow down the speed and gradually turn off the scooter.

The Self-balancing scooter runs with two powerful motors and decorated with LED lights in both back and front with a safeguard covering. A Bluetooth speaker feature is available in this board so that rider can have a ride all around by listening to their favourite music. One of the craziest features is that rider can play music, control the speed of board and motion sensors with remote itself.

The self-balancing electric scooters which we offer can handle the weight load up to 120 kgs and designed with a comfortable leg space for the rider. All the features like Bluetooth connectivity, motion sensors and LED lights to come with the board to have a safe and stylish ride. A high-quality carry bag is offered with the scooter that which is helpful to the rider to carry the board with the very easily. It even guards the scooter against scratches and separate space will be available for the charger.

Our service team will stay connected with customers even after the sale of the product and solve the problems regarding the self-balancing scooter. Stay cool wherever you are and enjoy your ride by shopping your self-balancing scooter through

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